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Tips For Hiring The Best Personal Injury Lawyers

If you are ever in a car accident, it is important to work towards some sort of resolution so that you can fix your car and your health. The ramifications of car accidents can be incredibly long-reaching, so the sooner you begin working on this kind of case, the easier it will be to heal and get back on the road and back to work. The deciding factor in how smoothly this process goes for you lies with the personal injury law firm that you decide to hire. Read More 

4 Things To Photograph Right After An Auto Accident

A collision between two vehicles can result in serious damage to both the cars and the passengers inside them. Accident victims can seek financial compensation for any damages sustained in an auto accident by filing a personal injury case in court. Evidence must be presented in court that will support your claim if you decide to sue the other driver involved in your accident. Photographs are a great type of evidence that can establish the facts surrounding your accident and help a judge and jury visualize the events leading up to the accident so that they can assign fault. Read More 

What To Know About Emotional Distress In A Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you are suing an individual for a personal injury lawsuit, there are many factors that will add to the total compensation that you can receive. While medical bills, personal property damage, and pain and suffering are common elements of a personal injury settlement, you may be wondering if emotional distress is something that you can sue for as well. Here is what you should know about this possible form of compensation for your personal injury case. Read More 

How To Prove Fault In A Head-On Car Accident

It's not always easy to prove fault in a car accident, and sometimes it's even harder when it's a head-on collision. There are several factors involved in head-on collisions. Road conditions, other vehicles on the road, and even weather conditions can play a part in causing an accident. When you are trying to prove that the other driver is at fault for a head-on collision, there are a few points to consider. Read More 

Accutane May Cause Birth Defects

One of the most dangerous drugs for pregnant women to use is Accutane, a medication typically used to treat acne. In fact, Accutane is one potential cause of birth defects in newborn babies. While most doctors try to prescribe medications that are safe for women to use, birth defects can arise when a medical professional is negligent or acts inappropriately otherwise. You may believe that Accutane caused birth defects in your child, but what can you do to prove it? Read More