Small Cars Are Still Much More Vulnerable To Commercial Trucks

Cars are safer today than they have ever been thanks to newer safety features. However, despite the safety features, smaller cars are still much more vulnerable when they are involved in accidents. This is especially true for small cars that are involved in accidents with large commercial trucks. Smaller vehicles can be pushed and crushed much more easily. They can also be flipped over more easily. However, unless the commercial truck stops in time, most passenger vehicles cannot protect the driver from a collision with a commercial truck.

Factors That Make a Commercial Truck More Dangerous to a Smaller Car

Unlike with passenger vehicles, semi-trucks are not able to stop as quickly. As a result, if your car is forced to come to a stop or if the commercial truck driver is not paying attention, she won't have as much time to stop the truck and bring it to a halt. Because the truck will continue moving without stopping, they will typically cause more damage when colliding with other vehicles.

The size of the commercial truck makes it much more difficult for the driver to see nearby motorists. This can especially be a problem as the truck driver changes lanes or turns. The truck also has a higher center of gravity and this makes it much less stable. They are much more likely to cause jackknife and roll-over accidents that are much more likely to become fatal.

Medical Bills Resulting from a Truck Accident

After a commercial truck accident, you are much more likely to have higher medical bills. The truck driver will carry commercial insurance which will have a much higher limit. However, given the large sums of money that these insurance providers might payout, they will do everything possible to reduce how much they will compensate you for your injuries. 

Because of how expensive your medical bills might be and because you have every right to seek compensation for pain and suffering, you will want to do everything possible to maximize your compensation so that you may pay for both your current expenses and long-term expenses.

The last thing you want is to receive compensation for current medical expenses and to find yourself out-of-work and unable to pay your bills because you did not receive adequate compensation for future medical bills and lost wages. Fortunately, a truck accident attorney knows the common tactics that commercial insurance providers use to deny claims or offer an unacceptably low settlement.