When The Adjuster Calls: How To Handle The Recorded Interview

If you've been hurt in a car accident, you will probably receive a phone call from the at-fault driver's insurer. This call might come very soon after the wreck and there's a reason why it's so prompt. To find out how to handle that call and why it's so vital to be careful, read below and protect your compensation chances. Why Are You Being Contacted About the Accident? If you think the other driver was at fault for the wreck, chances are their insurance company is aware of it too. Read More 

What Hurt Workers Should Understand About Permanent Injuries And Workers’ Comp

Some workers hurt while on the job recover and return to their job without incident. Unfortunately, some workers have injuries that don't just disappear in a few weeks. If you've been hurt at work and fear you will never be able to work at your job again, read on to find out more. The initial benefit period of weekly checks and staying home to recuperate will come to an end. It's replaced, however, by other benefits. Read More 

Questions About Workers Compensation And Pre-Existing Conditions

Do you have a claim with workers' compensation and are being denied workers' compensation because of a pre-existing condition? If so, you'll likely have some questions about what is preventing you from giving you the money you deserve. What Are Your State Laws? The first thing you'll want to do is get a thorough understanding of what your state's laws are regarding pre-existing conditions. Some states are more generous than others with granting workers' compensation in situations where a pre-existing injury is made worse. Read More 

How An Infotainment System Can Contribute To A Car Accident

Infotainment systems are becoming an increasingly more common feature in new vehicles. However, for some drivers, the infotainment system is too distracting, depending on the model, and might even contribute to an accident. If another driver caused an accident as a result of being distracted by the infotainment system, you should consider seeking compensation for your injuries. Reasons Why Some Infotainment Systems Are Distracting Infotainment systems can have the following problems: Read More 

Small Cars Are Still Much More Vulnerable To Commercial Trucks

Cars are safer today than they have ever been thanks to newer safety features. However, despite the safety features, smaller cars are still much more vulnerable when they are involved in accidents. This is especially true for small cars that are involved in accidents with large commercial trucks. Smaller vehicles can be pushed and crushed much more easily. They can also be flipped over more easily. However, unless the commercial truck stops in time, most passenger vehicles cannot protect the driver from a collision with a commercial truck. Read More