How Medical Errors Can Hurt You Even When You’re Not In The Hospital

Even when you are not in the hospital, you might suffer from a medical error. This is because you may be given medical instructions based on the medical error that may negatively impact your health and cost you money. If this is the case, you will need to get in contact with a personal injury law firm as soon as possible.

Preventable Medical Errors Lead to Personal Injury Cases

Some of the most common mistakes that affect patients out of the hospital are errors involving medications. For example, you might have been prescribed the wrong medication. Or, the medication you are prescribed might have an adverse reaction, be a medication you are allergic to, or a medication that should not be prescribed with another medication.

If you have undergone surgery, you may be given bad advice after you are discharged that might affect your ability to recover. There might also be a serious complication from your surgery that your doctor fails to diagnose. 

There Is No Excuse for Medical Errors

Hospitals that implement the latest IT solutions should be able to avoid making careless mistakes that could lead to you becoming injured. Therefore, you will want to turn to a personal injury law firm that works closely with medical professionals to get to the bottom of why you became injured and determine which party was negligent.

How to Prove Negligence

To prove that the medical professionals were negligent when treating you, it's important to find out what the standard practices are for that type of situation. For example, if you are bleeding profusely after surgery, your personal injury attorney would explain what a doctor would normally do in this situation to show that your doctor was negligent. 

However, to prove negligence, your personal injury attorney must quickly gather evidence of everything that went wrong. For example, your attorney will need to find out how you ended up with the wrong medication. You might have been prescribed the wrong medication, or your pharmacist might have given you the wrong prescription.

Your Settlement

After your personal injury lawyer has determined exactly what went wrong, the next step is to calculate the damages you have suffered. This can include the additional medical bills you may have been forced to pay after being readmitted to the hospital, the pain and suffering you experienced, and any work opportunities you might have missed out on.

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