3 Essential Questions Your Legal Advisor Will Ask You When Preparing Your Vehicle Crash Lawsuit

Your legal advisor will require your input to enable them to build a strong case against a driver who hit and injured you. For instance, they will need information that'll aid in getting evidence to strengthen your case. Nonetheless, they will have to first understand your case to know what measures can be taken and what information is needed to build a strong claim. As such, when you hire an attorney from a trusted car accident law firm to build a lawsuit against the wrongdoer, they will ask you the following questions to ascertain where to start.

How Did the Crash Happen?

During the discussion, your legal advisor will ask you to outline the details of the crash exactly as you can remember them. They will particularly want you to provide details of the moments that led up to the crash. Your lawyer will also ask you to tell them what you were doing and what was happening in your vehicle and on the road before the crash. This information will enable them to determine what occurred and who the offender was. Notably, it is imperative that you're honest even if you don't remember certain details. If this is the case, or your lawyer requires more information than you have access to, they will investigate the crash to gather additional evidence.

Did the Wrongdoer Admit to Making a Mistake?

If you spoke with the driver who hit you, your lawyer will want you to recount the details of your conversation. It will enable them to determine whether the defendant said anything that can prove wrongdoing. For instance, your attorney will want to know whether the driver who hit you apologized or said anything that demonstrated they were in the wrong. This includes stating that they didn't see you, lost control of their vehicle, or were doing something else inside the car when the crash happened. These details will give your lawyer an idea of the evidence needed to prove that the defendant was the culprit. For instance, they might find witnesses who heard the wrongdoer making these statements or saw them engaged in an activity that distracted them.

How Has The Incident Changed Your Life?

Your attorney will consider various factors when calculating your settlement, including the impact of the collision on your life. So, they will want to know whether you have experienced agony, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment, fear, anxiety, shock, or other consequences. Then, your lawyer can use this information and supporting proof showing your financial losses to help you get a payment covering them.

Your car accident lawyer will ask you the questions above and others related to your case when you consult them after a collision. This will give them a comprehensive understanding of your case and enable them to determine the evidence required to build as strong a lawsuit as possible.

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