Can You Get Disability Payments If The Injuries You Suffer In A Collision Fail To Heal Completely? Find Out

Many people who suffer bodily harm in vehicular crashes recover and resume their daily life after receiving medical care. Unfortunately, some crash victims do not recover fully even after receiving comprehensive treatment. When this happens, you may have a right to get disability payments. Therefore, you need to consult a legal advisor to help you get your rightful compensation. They will start by evaluating your issue to determine whether your situation meets the required threshold to get the benefits. If it does, your lawyer will help you pursue the payments, as illustrated below.

When You May Be Eligible to Get the Payments

Collisions can cause severe injuries to different body parts, most of which may meet the threshold needed for disability payments. This includes fractures, amputations, burns, and back and joint injuries. You may also get the payments if you suffer an injury that affects your brain or nerves after a collision. In addition, you can get benefits if your condition affects your speech. In most cases, the organization regulating disability payments approves applications for people who suffer injuries on their organization's list.

However, you may also get the payments if you have suffered a condition not specifically listed by the organization. This may be possible if you prove that your injury affects you the same way as the ones listed by the organization would. Again, a legal advisor can help you pursue the benefits to ensure you get the financial help you need.

Pursuing the Payments After a Collision 

When pursuing payments for disability caused by a collision, you must provide sufficient information about your condition. Moreover, the proof you provide must give detailed information about your condition. It should also be understandable so that the people evaluating your application can understand your case. To ensure this, your lawyer will assist you in getting the proof you need when applying for social security disability (SSD) payments. They will do this by ordering a medical examination to enable them to get a record of your injuries. Your legal advisor will then instruct your doctor to describe your condition to ensure it is understandable. This will increase your qualification chances and enable you to get the payments as soon as possible.

As the information above shows, injuries suffered in collisions can also qualify for disability payments. Therefore, if you've suffered a disability after a crash, you need to contact an SSD attorney for assistance in pursuing the payments. They will take the necessary steps to ensure you get your rightful benefits. In addition, they will file an appeal if your first application fails. 

Contact a local social security disability service to learn more.