Why You Could Be Saying No To An Accident Settlement

After a car accident, you may be dealing with injuries and financial issues because of a careless driver. It can be tempting to take the first settlement offer from the insurer of the other driver. After all, victims usually want to get their lives back to normal again. Before you do make a move you might later regret, look at a few very good reasons for saying a firm no to an accident settlement.

You Believe the Wrong People

It's only natural to trust insurers. They often have amusing advertisements and are usually well-known large companies that have been around for many years. However, insurance companies, regardless of their cute mascots, are not on the side of the victim. The other driver is their client, and they must do what they can to reduce how much they pay because of their careless actions.

That means they can be aggressive in pursuing a settlement with you. They may call you soon after the accident, send you letters, and try to gain your attention if they can. They may offer to send you a check. They may want to interview you about the accident. None of those actions are innocent. You are not obligated to accept a check or speak with the other insurer on the phone. Doing so is likely a big mistake because they are hoping to get you to sign something before you consult with your own personal injury lawyer.

Money Is Often a Problem

Being out of work can mean that financial problems are only added to your physical injuries. When that happens, some victims get desperate and agree to inadequate settlements. Don't act on those fears. Instead, speak to your personal injury lawyer about a lawsuit loan. This type of loan only must be paid back only if and when you settle your case or win in court.

Too Soon

Timing can be important with accident injuries and settlements. You want to be paid as soon as possible but you also want to be paid the maximum amount you will need. One issue that some victims forget to consider is future medical payments. You may need to wait a few weeks or even months before the full extent of your injuries is known. You are entitled to be paid for future medical bills with your settlement so don't settle without that form of damage included.

Your personal injury attorney is the best judge of when to say yes to a settlement. Speak to them about your case today.