Truck Driving Accidents Help In Cases Where Blow Back During Passing May Have Occurred

Passing a semi-truck is often a very scary experience and is one that can be challenging for even the best drivers. For example, air pressure blowback from the truck may cause an accident that requires the help of an attorney to win.

Getting Blown Off the Road By a Truck Is Problematic

Driving behind a semi-truck can be very frustrating for many drivers, especially if the truck keeps changing speeds or drives erratically. For example, a driver may sway across a lane or suddenly drop speeds in a way that is scary and even potentially negligent. Unfortunately, the driver behind the truck may try to pass them and end up getting blown off the road if the truck has a lot of blowback.

This situation happens due to air pressure changes between the car and the truck and is more common with larger vehicles due to their sheer size. And in many cases, courts may decide that the driver of the passing vehicle was at fault because they were attempting to pass a truck and may have been driving too fast. However, there are ways to prove that the trucker was being negligent.

Proving This Type of Negligence

Some injured drivers in this type of case may try to claim that passing the semi-truck was being done for personal safety. This strange argument states that the truck was driving erratically and potentially dangerously and that getting in front of them was the safest step. This defense isn't often a successful one but can be used if the driver shows evidence that the trucker was behaving erratically, such as videos of their driving or eyewitness testimony.

Importantly, though, the driver must also show that the truck driver behaved in a way, while they were passing, that caused the blowback. For example, the trucker may have drifted to the other lane while passing, causing an air pressure increase that pushed the other car and caused the crash. Again, eyewitness testimony and videos, if possible, will be necessary to show that this situation occurred.

As a result, it is important to reach out to a truck accident attorney to learn whether or not these types of defenses are even possible. In some cases, there may be enough evidence to show that the trucker behaved in ways that triggered this accident. However, there may also be situations in which this defense is not possible — and an attorney can either find a better option or ensure that a mistake isn't made during trial.