Accutane May Cause Birth Defects

One of the most dangerous drugs for pregnant women to use is Accutane, a medication typically used to treat acne. In fact, Accutane is one potential cause of birth defects in newborn babies. While most doctors try to prescribe medications that are safe for women to use, birth defects can arise when a medical professional is negligent or acts inappropriately otherwise.

You may believe that Accutane caused birth defects in your child, but what can you do to prove it? What should you do next? How can you ensure that your child is taken care of? This is what you need to know.

You Will Have to Prove the Birth Defect Was Caused By Negligence

In order to prove that your child's birth defects were caused by Accutane, you must provide evidence that a medical provider or pharmaceutical company failed to act within their responsibility to provide you and your child with adequate care. You must show that somebody failed to provide the accepted standard of care for a medical provider.

Easier said than done, right? In order to do this, you should secure an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable about birth defect law. These attorneys know how to look for evidence and present it in court to show that you or your child are victims of malpractice.

You Have a Long Road Ahead of You in Establishing Causation

Your attorney needs to establish a direct link between Accutane (and the prescription by a medical professional, for instance) and your child's birth defects. You must show that you were using the drug while you were pregnant, were not warned about the risks of taking the drug, were prescribed the drug, and your child's birth defects were not caused by some other issue, like genetics. Accutane is capable of contributing to or causing birth defects, but you have to establish actual causation.

You Should Receive Medical Care

It is also important that your child receive as much medical care as necessary to ensure that he or she is healthy but also to have the evidence necessary in court to make your case.

What Should You Do Next?

If you believe that you have a strong legal claim against a medical professional or pharmaceutical company, you should speak with a birth defect attorney. An attorney can help you understand your chances of success and conduct more research to ensure that you are well represented in court. Make an appointment with a birth defect attorney to learn more.